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Suzanne Knolls: HEADACHES

     I have been suffering with long term headaches now for the last 15 years. I have seen multiple practitioners over the course of these years and NOTHING has helped me more than that of Osteopathy. I must admit that I was skeptical at first when Dr. Cicerone indicated he'd be moving tissue(s) within my head. WOW, did it ever work!!! For something that I had been suffering with for half my life, Dr. Cicerone fixed this problem in 5 treatments.  


I received Dr. Cicerone's name from a friend of mine at work. She had told me that Osteopathy had helped her lower back and sciatica problems like nothing she has ever experienced before. I tried it out and found that Dr. Cicerone was treating things in my body that I didn't think could ever be treated!! He said he moved around and treated my diaphragm, liver and all these other organs in my abdomen that were creating tension or pulling all the way up to my neck.

Dr. Cicerone has helped me like you wouldn't believe!!!! I highly recommend this courteous young man to everyone that has a problem. He has helped with completely taking away my pain. The way he performed his moves to my body, I barely felt anything, thinking how is this supposed to work. But you really feel the difference on every treatment; not all these false promises everyone told me about how they could fix me!!!

Teresa Thornly: FEET PAIN

    I received John Cicerone's name from my Health Food Store provider; Rosemary's Natural Choices in Welland Ontario. They told me to visit John for some foot pain that I was experiencing. He treated me several times before my pain had disappeared which was about 4 sessions. He told me to get rid of my orthotics that I had been wearing for so many years and said I wasn't someone who should have been wearing orthotics in the first place. My feet are fantastic and I continue to see John 4 to 6 times a year.


     I received John Cicerone's name from a friend of mine who had success in his clinic!! I didn't even know what Osteopathy was, and that I would have to live my whole life with medications for my bowel problems. Mr. Cicerone treated my liver, stomach, intestines and everything else related to my digestion. My doctors told me that I would have to be on steroids for the rest of my life. While I continue to see Mr. Cicerone I have not taking any other medical drugs for my bowel problems in about a year now!! All I take now are probiotics and other natural substances to keep my health the way it is!!! I love what Mr. Cicerone has done for me!!!

Frank Smith: ROTATOR CUFF 

    After seeing John for my rotator cuff surgery, he has got me back to playing tennis!! Mr. Cicerone has even taken the time to meet with me at White Oaks and go over some of my technical workouts on and off the court. I highly recommend Mr. Cicerone as he has made me feel the best I've felt overall, rather than fixing my shoulder!! Highly recommend him!


    John Cicerone has helped me tremendously!!!! Not knowing anything about Osteopathy, John explained his profession very well, because it is different than any rehabilitation I have ever received. John was telling me how part of my colon on the right side was pulling my hip into a position which was making my knee work hard?? Taking John's professional opinion with a grain of salt, I was amazed that after 2 treatments my knee had felt so much better. He made me realize how the whole body is connected. Osteopathy is so amazing!!!!


     I had been doing physiotherapy for over a year for what doctors diagnosed me as Frozen Shoulder. I received Mr. Cicerone's name from a friend of mine who also had my condition and did amazing with him. I was amazed that there was something else out there in helping me. Mr. Cicerone did techniques on me that I wouldn't have thought would be related to my problems. He told me that my shoulder froze up on me because of other restrictions that were in my body. He treated what he said was related and in 6 treatments I was 100% better. This is a true testimonial, and I would highly recommend Mr. Cicerone for any ailment one may have.  

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