John Cicerone began his career at Brock University 

achieving an Honours Degree in Kinesiology.  John then 

furthered his studies by enrolling in a post-graduate degree program

in Sports Medicine and earning the credential CAT (C) as 

well as a Doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine - 

Acupuncture; D.Ac.   

       John then further complimented his career by studying at 

the renowned Canadian College of Osteopathy.  Here, he 

studied through the duration of its intensive 7 year program and 

thesis research study, earning an Osteopathic Manual 

Practitioner Licence.  This has allowed John to improve the 

success of a patients' chronic problems using visceral and many other

osteopathic techniques with his existing rehabilitation teachings.

     Mr. Cicerone has worked with a variety of clientele ranging

from infants/children, athletes to the elderly.  John has

also had much experience working with a variety of professional 

teams and individual athletes from the NHL, NLL, CFL and 

Mixed Martial Arts.  

  John has been recognized as one of St. Catharines Distinction of 

Entrepreneurs from Who's Who Professional Editorials. His

motivation, professionalism and dedication is quite obvious on your first  

visit to his clinic.  You will not only be intrigued with the knowledge he 

describes to you, but you will know what the cause of your problem is

and how he will go about treating you; more importantly, what you may 

be able to do to treat yourself.  

     Because of Mr. Cicerone's professional conduct of taking the time to 

treat patients -with an outstanding quality rather than quantity approach- 

it is no wonder that the success of his business is from word of mouth 

referrals.  Mr. Cicerone currently holds a six week waiting list, however, 

will continue to accept New Patients.