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- The true job of the osteopath is to meticulously examine a patient, identify the cause of the disturbance to tissue(s) and treat it to normal function and mobility. This, in a word, will "fix" the problem so that the tissue and body can operate at its optimal health.

- A.T. Still (1910)

Welcome to:

 John Cicerone -Osteopathy and Sports Injury

             Welcome to John Cicerone - Osteopathy and Sports Injury.  

      Osteopathy and Sports Injury is a rehabilitation practice 

located at the Linwell Medical Building in St. Catharines, 


          John Cicerone, owner of Osteopathy and Sports Injury, has 

been operating his clinic for the past ten years, with an extensive 

clientele list and continues to accept new patients.

      Osteopathy is a manual based practice that is designed to find 

the cause of a patient's symptoms, and treat the cause so that 

symptoms and/or pain is resolved. Chronic conditions that are 

not easily resolved by traditional therapies- and rely on 

"maintenance" treatments- are often quite successful with 

osteopathic treatment; as "maintenance" treatments are not part of Mr. 

Cicerone's treatment approach.

        Mr. Cicerone treats his patients for approximately one hour 

sessions. Mr. Cicerone's theory is treating eight patients a day gives 

a patient the quality over quantity approach that is lacking within

the rehabilitation community. John's patient's will usually receive 

exercises that patients can do at home or their gym to 

compliment what has been done in his clinic.  

      For any further information regarding the profession of 

osteopathy, please search the tab to the left of this page, and/or 

the links provided below.  


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